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Search and copy folder


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i need help with the usb rubber ducky exfiltration...

the ducky must do the following:

start to search in the Background (masked) in the Computer drive A, C, D

search for the file/folder with the name "Cave" the search has to search in drive A, C and D

if the search seek/find the file/Folder "cave" the duck program has to make a copy from the

Contents of the Folder "cave" to the micro SD Card in the usb ducky stick

all the search and the copy must be done i secret ! ! ! !

the System is a Windows 7 64 bit home

how many space is the maximum micro sd Card that i can use

32 Gb? 64 gb?

how fast ist the copy process? 64 Gb in 64 Minutes ?

many thanks for answer and help


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