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AC power plug case mod


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So the other day I was thinking "Couldn't I put an AC adapter in a PC?"

Because there's the DC adapter like in episode 2 and http://tinyurl.com/ygeur8

for cheap, that you could do that if you have a molex connector around. And perhaps do it by cracking it open rather than just plugging it into the Case DC adapter.

Here's my logic behind it:

I have a SATA 250GB drive in this system but the bios on bootup sometimes doesn't recognize it. Seeing how the OS isn't on the drive I think getting an USB2 exteneral enclosure seems like a great option. The problem is that all the ones on newegg require an additional power (not over the USB bus). And I would hate to have to plug in another device into a crammed power strip.

If we could get this one working, it could have a multitude of uses.

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