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[Support] Data Locker


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Firmware version 2.0.4 or greater is required for this infusion.

Data Locker is an Infusion that allows for easy AES 128/256 encryption of files or strings on your wifi pineapple. It has been built with integration from other developers in mind and is fully function from the command line.


  • AES-128 and AES-256
  • SHA512 Key Hashing
  • Variable Length Keys
  • CLI Integration
  • Web Interface
  • SQLite File Tracker (to easily see what files you have encrypted and when)
  • String Encryption (for use by developers who want to encrypt logs in real time)
  • Encrypting and decrypting files
  • Shredding files (Overwrites a file 20 times, renames it, then deletes it)

Change Log

Version 1.3

  • Firmware version 2.0.4 or greater is now required
  • Tabs are now created with the drawTabs function for forward firmware compatibility
  • UI has been re-designed to look much nicer
  • Removed javascript in notifications
  • File Tracker refreshes independently from the rest of the tile now

Version 1.2

  • Large tile now refreshes when file is encrypted/decrypted
  • Firmware version 1.4 or greater is now required.

Version 1.1

  • Added Key Verification
  • A sha512 hash value of the encryption key is stored in the database for later checks
  • Now checks for max key length overflow
  • Spelling error fixed (thanks to Skeletor)

Version 1.0 - Initial Release

  • Web Interface
  • Command Line Interface
  • AES-128/256 File Encryption
  • AES-128/256 String Encryption
  • Variable Length Keys
  • File Tracker
  • File Shredding


Screen Shots



Video of early Development:

Incase you can't see the videos for some reason:

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Hmm sounds like a problem on their end. Ill get in touch with Sebkinne and see what is going on

EDIT: Does this problem still exist? It worked fine for me on 1.2.0 of the firmware

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I just submitted version 1.1 for review and it will be available shortly. This version contains some structure changes to the database, and although I built it for backwards compatibility, you should decrypt your files before updating to version 1.1

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  • 1 month later...

Still issues with installation. Tested with multiple browsers.

Firefox from android phone - no go

Iceweasel from desktop pc - no go

firefox from macbook - no go

safari from macbook - WORKS !? OMFG

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It was some UI changes and now tabs are created using the drawTabs function in the API for forward compatibility with future firmware releases and to eliminate any possible js and css issues

I'll add a changelog to the thread in a minute

Change log has been added

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