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Been playing with SolydX for the last couple of days.


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Watched the Linux Action Show on Sunday night and they reviewed a Distro called SolydXK which is Debian Testing with either an xfce or KDE DE environment. Having played with both in the past and not liking KDE because it's just too tweakable(go figure, LOL) I went with SolydX with the xfce DE. The one thing that's always kept me from liking xfce was the stupid clock. I couldn't easily get it set up to 12hr time or get it set with Day, Month and Date, it was always a PITA so I'd just give up and go back to a Distro with either MATE or GNOME 3 Classic shell.

Well, the guys at SolydX got it figured out and now it's uber simple to get the clock and day,date and time set up.

I am having to get use to my panel being on the bottom of the screen but that's not a huge deal.

Also, I did have a problem with the install only giving me the option of the i486 kernel so my Core Duo processor was only using a single core so it was really slowed down. The fix was to install Grub Customizer so I could set the installed i686 kernel as the first option in grub(it wasn't showing up at all before I did this) and now it boots to the newer kernel so both cores are working.

Anyway, if someone is looking for something light like the xfce DE with a somewhat cutting edge Distro like Debian Testing then give SolydXK a look, you might like what you see.

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