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channel 6 fake ap... also airodump on same card


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iwconfig wlan0 channel 6

Ifcinfig wlan0 down

Iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor

Ifcinfig wlan up

Airbase-ng wlan0 -e test-ap-channel-6

New tab in console

Airodump-ng wlan0

So we have airodump channel Hopping and at the same time airbase is broadcasting a fake ap on channel 6...

On my linux mint everything is working as I need. My goal is to capture with airodump all client probe request and then start airbase on channel 6 with the newly captured probe request...

The problem is when I run this same commands above in kali linux. When airodump has your card in channel hop your same wlan device running airbase is also channel hopping...

Any ideas why linux mint allows me to accomplish this?

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