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Breaking rolling code with rtl-sdr

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Hi all

Just read this article on using Rtl-sdr to create a proof of concept to break key fobes rolling code scheme.

It is at http://spencerwhyte.blogspot.ca/2014/03/delay-attack-jam-intercept-and-replay.html?m=1

Interesting concept....

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I even like the clever way of making GNU transmit by using the sound card feed into an amp anf rf module.

Simple circuit design, will have to give it a go this weekend ,have the parts in the componet box already.

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Fascinating stuff. I'm not sure this would work with my car, but the entry door to the garage below my appartment building would be very interesting, not in the lease because I actually broke the fob I got when I moved in (button fell off) so I took it out of the plastic and now short the 2 requisite contacts with a house key to open the door below. A cleaner setup would be appreciated.

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