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Problems with new Mark V /Constant blue light


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Hi there,

I am new to the Mark V and had some issues with setting it up. I started setting it up yesterday evening.

First of all the Mark V didn't recognize the firmware on the delivered SD card. I think it was corrupt because I was not able to red it at all. So I formatted it with FAT and put the firmware and the md5-file on it. But still amber blinking light after booting.

So I copied the files to my rubberducky sd card and then the firmware was flashed successfully. I replaced the sd card with a Sandisk 32 GB SDHC card, formatted it and rebootet the Mark V afterwards.

While looking around in the webinterface I noticed the amber light blinking constantliy with a high frequency. There was also a high load (around 2) and all I did was browsing the webinterface.

So i resetted it to factory default. Still amber light blinking stressfully. Formatted the SD card again... still amber blinking.

So I decided to download the firmware for bricked pineapples (factory image). Now I have the issue that the blue light is permanently on. The amber light too, its only blinking while SD card access I guess (I also retried resetting to factory defaults and formatted the SD card again).

Should I worry about the constant blue light? I didn't had any time yesterday for further testing to see if the Mark V is working correctly.



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Hey K0sebamse,

The blue LED means that wlan0 is active. It will flicker on transmission.

The red LED means that wlan1 is active and connected to a network. It will flicker on transmission.

The amber LED means that ethernet is connected. When it flickers, traffic is flowing.

Note that the above is only relevant for the actual WiFi Pineapple MKV firmware - not the stager. The stager LEDs work like this:

The amber LED should blink steadily while searching for the SD card / files on the SD card.

The red LED will go solid if there is an MD5 missmatch.

The blue LED will go solid once the flashing process has begun.

When you see a matrix pattern of blue, red, and amber, the WiFi Pineapple is ready to setup.

Please note that the blue LED will blink steadily during the startup of the device - no matter what firmware.

Best Regards,


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Hey Sebkinne,

dumb me... :wacko: thanks for your reply.

Is this somewhere in the wiki? Cause I looked there and here in the forum and found nothing...

Best regards,


Most of this is in the booklet you received along with your WiFi Pineapple MKV. The only thing missing is what the flickering means on the final firmware image.

Best Regards,


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