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Remote Rescue Question


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Ok, I've got an issue where a distro of ubuntu version 9.x something was upgraded and the system became broken to the point of not being able to login. I wanted to know, if there is a way to use a windows program to decrypt the home folder so that it's contents can be exported to another drive(external backup) in order for the system to be reinstalled without loss of data. Or is there a way to live boot the system and then decrypt and export the drive's data ( the home folder) or a way to permanantly decrypt the home folder so that I can use paragon extfs to access the drive and then export the data through windows.

I hate to use windows, but unfortunately it is a dual installed laptop that was set up for a family member and now I am responsible for repairing this as they have no linux experience and I have barely novice experience at best. I set the system up because my family member enjoyed the use of linux and despises microsoft. So are there any suggestions ? ( other than reformatting and only installing linux which is what is happening after I back this data up for the person)

Another thing I would like to ask... Since this person can access the web and is directly connected to the internet.... If i told him how to login and the system has fully booted without the x server ... then is it possible that I could remotely login to the machine for him and export the data via the cli ? and what programs would he have to sudo apt-get install in order for me to do that ? I've never been in this particular situation so I realize this is a bit vampy of me and I've been searching for information on this but have come up with introductory tutorials at best thus far. Thank you in advance to anyone with some suggestion or manual pages for me to read...

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