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I think i bricked my Pineapple


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hey guys

i've used my wifi pineapple mkV for the better part of 3 months now. I've had no major problems with it. yesterday i tried to update over the air to 1.1 . it downloaded the file correctly, md5 checksum was in order, so it began updating. my browser kept showing the "updating" screen. after 10 min or so i lost the wifi link to the pineapple. i thought this was normal, so i waited some more. after three hours the wifi still hadent come back up. i powercycled the thing and still no wifi. i connected over ethernet, doesent even seem to have a dhcp-server running (at least i got no ip assigned). i then manually configured my ip to and scanned the network. needless to say there was no response on i tnen tryed to reset the device with the dipswitch code u-d-d-u-u. still no dice. everytime i turn the device on all the leds flash for 1/2 second, then only the green & red one stay lit.

any suggestions?

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I just received my pineapple V today but when I try to install the firmware when it is turned on there is all the lights then just a green and red then just green and the amber light starts blinking. I wait the 5 minutes and it's still blinking, another 5, that's 10 minutes and it's still blinking. It doesn't do anything else cam someone help??

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