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can metasploit payloads be set with broadcast addresses for "LHOST="?


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lets say the environment you are in uses a DHCP server with a very short lease time.

can metasploit payloads (for instance reverse_tcp meterpreter) be set with an LHOST=

or the subnet broadcast address (i.e. LHOST=

how would someone get around a short lease time with DHCP?

I am going to lab this however I am just wondering off hand if anyone knows?

the idea in this case is that the reverse shell connects to anyone listening. I am of course not referring to that specific payload. just in general. if my payload is set with LHOST= and when the payload gets executed, my address has already changed to the connection wont go through.

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First of all. A short leastime does not mean your pc will get a new ip every time the lease time is over.

DHCP in short:

1) Client connects on the network.

2) Client sends a request for network settings. ( dhcp request ) broadcast

3) dhcp server offers 4 times the same settings ( dhcp offer )

4) Client accepts the offer and start using it( dhcp ack )

5) Server locks the ip/mac till releasetime

Now the dhcp settings offert by the server is not only the usual stuff: ip/mask/router/dns Its also release time AND renew time.

The renew time should always be lower then the release time. When the client reaches the renew time, it will send a new request to the server

but this time it will be a DHCP inform request. Asking the server to extend the release time for this address.

So basicly as long as your device is online and got a connection towards the dhcp server it should not change ip.

But the safest way: Set your device as a static ip on the network !

As of using broadcast addresses for your exploit. If could work but defiantly isn't stealthy and i think a lot of AV/firewall programs will not like it

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I was really using the DHCP server as an example to help explain.

I am just wondering if you can use broadcast addresses without being asked "Why" and having to explain.

thanks for the feedback!

I am going to try it out in a lab. I can see how it might be useful in some scenarios.

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