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Firmware request that eliminates need for initial delay

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Hi everybody,

I know it's not great to make an introductory post a request, but I think it's a good one. Plus I've been lurking a while :ph34r:

What I would like to see in a firmware is a combo with the USB mass storage and the HID.

As soon as the ducky is inserted it begins sending keystrokes







And so on indefinitely.

Then, as soon as a change (or 2) in the Numlock (or caps/scroll) LED state is detected, BOOM the payload executes as usual.

This way the very second the HID is enumerated by the system, it launches.

Because when you only have 30 seconds or so physical access, that initial delay is a killer. Sometimes it searches windows update for an updated HID driver, sometimes it doesn't, every system requires a different delay. And it is impossible to tell beforehand.

If we could eliminate it, that would be amazing.

I'm not technically proficient enough to know if this is possible with the ducky, it can be done with a teensy.

Again, apologies for making my first post a request, it was more of an idea to throw into the mix...

All the best,


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