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local server password bypass/crack


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First off, please don't yell.

Secondly, there's a difference between hacking a cracking. People here don't take kindly to this kind of stuff. You'll be called a noob, sent to the short bus, and banned from the site. Because of the number of people asking this kind of stuff has multiplied exponentially lately, it's getting on a lot of people's nerves and they are not very tolerant of messages like "Hey, can you help me crack my schools network?" or "I want to get into this restricted web site - how do I do it?".

It's just not cool. The internet was made by hackers, not phone phreaks and their digital descendents.

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I have a tear to my eyes...

really, if you wanna do it..

... and Ill get flamed for helping you....

but a verry good tool is Brutus


but .. if you plan to use it on something that doesnt belong to you...

it is detected by most av as hacktool =)

killav.exe anyone?

;) but breathe up.. think about your problem...

Im sure you can have access to the files in person...

or have a cd delivered to a po box?

think outside the box ...



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thank you so other words i need to shutdown my virus scan to use it. thank you and like all of my other post ive used im trying to learn by launching these attacks on my self. By the way what is this kinda username/password prompt called. I knew it before but it passed over me

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