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Recommended games for linux


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I have been running Linux for quite some time now, from Arch to Xiaopan and everything in between. I have played the traditional minimalistic games that come preinstalled such as kbounce or frozen bubble, to installing UT2004, Postal 2, Counterstrike and Gary's Mod via wine. Wine becomes buggy and games don't always play smoothly. I'm aware of Steam being available for Linux now, but I'm looking more for games that are developed to run on specific to linux/multiplatorm. and preferably games not involving Steam.

What games would you guys recommend? Also what specs would you have for the games you recommended?

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I have been gaming on Linux for over a decade. Back in 02/03 I would take my Linux rigs to LAN parties, and nobody could tell the difference when you were in-game. Wine was pretty good back then. It's still pretty good. People like to harp on its occasional failings to make it seem like it's buggier than it actually is.

The Linux games in Steam are native Linux games. Many of them are also available as stand-alone Linux games through their original developer/publisher. However, it's also worthwhile to have a copy of Steam running in Wine to play the games that haven't been ported over yet but run just fine.

The Humble Bundle Store is a good spot to find native Linux games.

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I understand that most Linux games within Steam are native to Linux. I just didn't want the extra layer of software. I'm not familiar with the Humble Bundle store. Thanks for the great tip. I may dive into running wine again, although not many titles are PC only that catch my eye. I'm looking for FPSs/puzzle type. Any recommendations?

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I know this is not much help at all but my main pc is windows so thats where i do most of my gaming on it but i do have counterstrike i play on my laptop and i have yet to meet anyone who didnt like to source it up or whatever new counterstrike they are on now:)

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Me & My Shadow puzzly game

Alien Arena FPS

Xonotic FPS

ChaosEsque FPS, Xonotic mod

Warsow FPS

Offworld FPS using planes

Six Wheels And A Gun tank shooter

No More Room In Hell zombie FPS. Free download off of steam so....

AssaultCube Reloaded FPS

The Dark Mod Thief-inspired game using the Doom 3 engine

There's more, but then there's also Google...

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