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Intermittent spoofed page and SCP file transfer dropouts


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Heya Guys,

When viewing sites that are setup as a redirect / dnsspoof site. For no apparent reason it sometimes (about every 5 mins) just hangs and simply either loads half the page or nothing at all. It doesnt seem to matter if the site is setup as a symbolic link to the mounted SD card or direclty being viewed from the www folder.

I have also noticed that this dropout / timeout occurs when doing file transfers to or from the pineapple via SCP. It evetually reconnects after about 60 seconds.

The local machine wireless connection remains connected to the pineapple the entire time.

Problem still persists after a flash and sd card wipe.

Current fimware 1.1.0

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Anything in syslog ?

I know you said it, but are you 100% sure the local machine wireless doesn't drop and reconnect (my wife's laptop driver used to do this from time to time - when web browsing you didn't notice, but things that help a session open would break :-( Could you try wired, just to be sure ?

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Tried wired connection

Same thing.

DNS Spoofed pages will simply half load or not resolve usually for about 60 seconds every 5 minutes or so.

Also tried discconecting the pineapple from client mode. Same thing.

Nothing in syslog.

Does dnsspoof have a log?

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