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eth0 client


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In order to get the most of my Pineapple I want to use it as a simple AP while it's not being used for anything else, mainly to get wifi into the darker corners of the house.

It looks like it should try to get a dhcp lease for eth0 (like it does in client mode for wlan).

To be sure, I also tried running udhcp directly.

Actually, the problem may be more fundamental (or my understanding more fundamentally flawed), I tried to manually configure an IP address, netmask and default route for eth0, but I couldn't get any traffic to flow that way.... What am I doing wrong ?


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Ok, I've found that the "Wifi Manager" infusion (Very nice, btw), has an ICS option that makes this easy to configure.

However, I would like to acheive the same effect using a custom dip switch setting.

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