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I have been working a project last couple of weeks. 1 issue epson u220b known as the workhorse of restaurants. The kitchen printer. Idn interface "card" of course My reciept printer worked which has a phone cable ran to the other printer. It stopped working when I bought a replacement micros terminal. I finally said if it were a standard setup like IP and ethernet I would of had it fixed in 5 minutes. Someone messed with a patch panel moved some cables ruined my day.

Lets recap I could fixed the printer in 5 minutes if I had an ethernet card in it instead of an idn card in it. If you plug a router into a network with a switch or plug a cable from the switch to the switch you can take down a network.

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Maybe I should clear stuff up Plug a small wireless into a network some thing with a managed switch the spanning tree protocol/vlan type. Plug from one switch port to another in the same vlan. Bridging loop bring down a network very fast maybe less than 5 minutes. The printer they reciept printers idn is a serial rs 422 protocol. Pain to setup kicking my self in the rear for not thinking these printers have cards there has to be an ethernet card. We moved where the kitchen printer goes anyway. Further away. that was my week.

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