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My new gravity poster

Skorpinok Rover

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Hi, this poster which i created in a hurry using CS6 to share it with my frnds on facebook, recieved lots of negative comments coz poster was not nice, i know poster is bad but if i didnt do it in a hurry it would'nt have been ugly. but movie was awesome in my opinion, the best space movie since apollo 13. alfanso curran ( children of men ) has used all tools & tech to make it as real as possible, the cinematography is breathtaking with a brilliant direction with a perfect score from steven price. some ppl say movie is garbage due to lack of plot, if thats the case why gravity was made under 90 mins ? to make a 90 min film makers spent lot of time a year ofcourse. i liked this movie watched it on 3D even though i have distaste for 3D, this is my second 3D movie since james cameron's avatar. only few 3D movies have real purpose. & forgive me i didnt like Pacific rim coz there's no proper plot just loud blasts. if james cameron or christoper nolan had given chance for PR they would have made it in a different way.



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