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Oldest computer pert you own.


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i have a ton of computer parts layig around and i was going to build a computer for my sis when i noticed i only had one harddrive left. And it was a 460mb drive. I thought of the amiga i got it out of. lol any one else have anything older. i also have an i386 cpu chip

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I have a 486...

@VaKo, a abacus isn't technicly a computer ;)

Officily the oldest computer model you could possably own is Charles Babbage's difference engine, and the only working one in existence is in the London Science Museum. The origional never been compleated of course.

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I wish I still owned my old computers but I have owned:


Ahh, green-screen goodness ^_^

2x floppy drives too, my PCs didn't have this 'till years after :p

Toshiba T3100 Luggable (not sure this is the same model but it's near enough)

Ran Windows 3.1 and did so well. Wasn't all that useful as a laptop but it worked great as a deskop with a small footprint.

Amstrad PPC512 Luggable

Ran MSDOS 3.3. Tried running games on it but the passive matrix LCD blurred worse than the original gameboy. It did run well though and was a fairly nice machine. The 720k floppy was a bit of a pain though, most of my disks at the time were 1.4MB from when I used the PS/2 below.

IBM PS/2 (Mine had a tape drive of some sort in the second floppy bay.)

Ahh yeah, the good old days. Ran Windows 3.1, was fairly stable but had its moments. I did have a tape drive but I never managed to find carts to fit it, I think it was 10MB tapes or something stupid... ho-hum...

Acorn Archimedes A3000

A classic machine, was used extensively in UK schools. I learnt to program on these and always wanted an A5000. Never got one, never got an A7000 RiscPC either... :(

Amiga 500(+)

I had many Amigas but this was my first. An Amiga 500+ with a GVP ImpactII HDD wedged on the left hand side. Ran wonderfully until the HDD borked and took all my stuff with it. Sorely missed. RIP Amiga :(

I also had an Amiga 600HD and a 1200, all the Amigas were great machines and I wish they were still around now. *sob*

I had many more old machines besides these. but these are probably the best of the ones I owned though, I really really wish I still had them

Edit: How could I forget my Mac Classic II?! I still own this baby and I don't intend to get rid of it. Still works a charm, runs System 7.5.3 ^_^

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I stil have my first Vic-20, Commondore-64, Sinclare, LISA 2 - Mac XL, and a hole lot more.

I find it so hard to say goodby to those good old computers with start it out my hobby.

In my tool shed i stil have in perfect working state my firtst real laptop, and when iám in the shed i stil use it. (its a Pentium 1 166Mhz, 94mb ram and 4 gig harddisk mount it on its (big) docking station filt with all kind of exstra's like cdrw, exstra 5,5"6Gig harddisk etc, etc)


I know i'am just a old sob.



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I have a Dell XPS T500

Top end stuff in its day

the add:


A HUGE 12GB Hard Drive


ONLY £1600

see in ten years, we'll look back and say "woah we had shit computers >.>"

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I have a computer case of an Apple II clone (circa 1986). Everything else is gutted out. The oldest working computer I still have is an Apple IIe. The Apple "green screen" monitor flips, but everything else still works. I even transfer some of my weird ass APPLESOFT BASIC programs into my PC and ran it with an Apple II emulator.

Apple II forever.

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I just bought a used “Sun Fire 3800â€, with eight 900Mhz UltraSPARC III and 64GB of memory, that’s the oldest computer I own.

64 GB of memory eh? Wow, that's a lot for such an old comp. :lol:

I think they where only released two years ago. I like Sun equipment as the second hand market is large and the amount of people that buy second-hand equipment is small, so you can pick up two to four year old equipment at a fraction of the original price.

My server is a used Sun V65x server with:

Dual 3.2GHz Xeon’s,

Four 73GB SCSI drives

8GB of memory

Dual integrated 10/100/1000-NIC

ATI Rage XL with VGA ports front and rear

Three USB ports

8 X DVD-ROM Drive

Floppy Drive

And all of that only cost me £720. I run Debian on it.

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