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31 Days Free VPN Service, you can't miss it!


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Bucklor published its beta version VPN Software for Windows, Join the beta testing will enjoy 31 days Free VPN Service. I just created a testing account, it is amazing. 13 server locations all over the world. Each server are available for PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, and IPSec. The application will end on March 12th, thinking about join, you dont have any loss. http://www.bucklor.com/free_trial/ is the link to join!

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Free VPN services are kinda not reliable. why i said so? because many VPN services that are free, don't accept or agrees on not to keeping the logs of customer online activities. Also, you cannot select servers of your choice which is very important when comes to online streaming. It has cap on bandwidth limits as well as speed. so i suggest if you want to enjoy the best ride of the internet buy the ticket for it. because free rides are always not reliable and also used by many sliders so keep yourself safe and free with a better VPN service which i recommend PureVPN

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This now confirms our previous suspicions that this account is indeed a spam and advertising account. Probably part of some SEO. Remember that post "Do you believe that VPN protects online security?" back in December by this account? They had bucklor.com in their signature initially and removed it when Digip, ScottHelme, and myself called them out on it.

Agreed, looks like some advertising spam. The person has removed it though. Also changed their profile to Male, but in the introduce me section:


My name is Melida, I am new here:
Favorite game: Guild Wars 2
Favorite OS: Debian
Favorite console: Xbox 360
Nationality: American
Sex: Female
Age: 26
Race: White American
Height: 4'15"
Status: Married
Wish to make more friends with you!
Almost sounds generic.

Shaunstevin is likely the same. He joined on the 2nd of October in 2013 purely to post a remark about PureVPN being great. 5 Months later, his 2nd post and latest post on Hak5, is yet again about PureVPN. Finally, in the "About me" section of shaunstevin: "VPN is a service that encrypts your internet connection, makes it anonymous and unblock every website, youtube, facebook, skype and more!"

Both of these accounts are marketing accounts, practically certain, and don't see any real contribution to the community here.

Now, if anyone comes across this post is interested in VPN providers, I recommend that they read the TorrentFreak article here: https://torrentfreak.com/vpn-services-that-take-your-anonymity-seriously-2013-edition/

They put the important questions to VPN providers and get their response in black and white. They appear to also be updating their article for 2014. What I did see that was extremly worrying was EarthVPN. I have no experience with them, but the year before they told Torrentfreak that they didnt keep any logs. Which is probably true, but what the authorities did was go to the owner of the data center that was hosting the VPN and asked for logs, and they handed them over.

I'm going to ask my VPN provider the question with regard to what happened to EarthVPN. If this can happen, VPN means nothing.

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