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Multiple Partitioned USB Drive (missing partitions)


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I am trying to set a 3gb partition and a 20gb partition both in ntfs format. Everytime I put two partitions on the drive, windows will only show one partition.

The reason for doing this is my multi-pass boot-disc will not work on a drive over 8 gigabytes when I use an iso imager such as Ultra Iso or Pendrive unless the iso is larger than 4gb and I am working with an iso that is less than 700mb.

Is there any way I can make windows recognize both partitions on this usb drive ? If not, is there a way for me to take my Hiren Boot CD and use Pendrive Linux or Ultra ISO and force the image write to that 23gb drive ?

One other question: When I used Ultra ISO, it kept telling me my usb device was busy and ask me to unplug and reconnect my usb device in order to complete the iso write to disk process. Then it would completely fail. Is there a work around for this ? And why does it only do this to certain iso files of a certain size and usb drives of a certain size ? ( I have tried using fat-16-32 and NTFS file system format to complete this process and no luck)

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Have a look under computer -> manage. Drives and partitions are readily accessible from here.

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most USB Flash drives are set as 'Removable Drives' when shipped by the USB drive manufacturer which means that Windows will only access one partition on the drive.

See solution here: http://www.rmprepusb.com/tutorials/multipartufd

Took 20 second to find this on google...

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