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mass fake ap... clients auto connect to saved essids


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Doesn't matter much if you have a list to guess if you're using either the Pineapple/Jasegar, or something like Karma in linux, they'll take any probed name from a device looking for its "remembered" AP's name, accept the connections and impersonate them, even non-default common names you create yourself for your wireless router.

Spoofing probes is a common attack vector against devices set to automatically connect to known AP's it has stored locally and there are now a number of devices and tools to do things similar to Karma and the Pineapple. Depending on the OS and Device, you can tell them NOT to automatically reconnect when you enable the wifi radio/card, while other devices, you have to tell them to forget the AP when done using it to prevent them from automatically reconnecting every time you enable wifi on the device. This makes it that much harder to tell what network you're on, one of the reasons I hate wifi and rarely use it.

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