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rebooting when running ettercap or stopping on its own


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Anyone else had this issue happen? I've been at this for days trying to make sure it's not me before I submit this topic. I've also made sure of my settings ( I think)

So here goes:

-I'm up to the latest firmware and patches

-Running client mode on wlan1

-Running ettercap on br-lan

-I've factory reset the device a couple times

-I have flashed the device a couple times and only installed what I needed, not every package

so all this works, I can get my credentials, see the URL, everything is nice.. and then it gets funky

After it catches one or two, I notice that the uptime resets, so it reboots. If I flip out of tile to another one and come back, sometimes I see it's status as "ettercap is not running" without me doing anything.

Visiting pages is also kinda of weird sometimes...it works.. and then after a couple more, it stops.. or again, reboots.

If I leave and come back in a few hours to check on it later, same thing, either it's rebooted at some point, OR ettercap has stopped running again on it's own.

Other odd thing: After I have rebooted, any extra infusions I have added were gone. But if I reboot again, they are showing as being still being linked in there. If i reboot again, it seems fine and all the infusions are working properly.

Is there something that I am missing here?

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