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Arduino - Pineapple: LED Matrix


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I have been experimenting with connecting an Arduino to a Pineapple. This might be possible by using the GPIO pins but I have used the serial interface.

In this experiment I have an RGB LED Matrix connected to an Arduino and the Arduino connected to the serial interface.

The Arduino waits for events to happen on the Pineapple. In this case I send a 'Connect' event to the Arduino if someones connects to the Pineapple. This is followed by a message string (the number of succesfull connections).

The connect event triggers an animation and the number of connections is shown on the LED Matrix afterwards.

It is fairly easy to catch all kinds of events and trigger an action, for instance a succesfull WPS attack.

This is probably not very useful in a pentest but I had fun building it :)

Watch the video here: https://vimeo.com/87283079


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Sure. I have included the wiring diagram here.

It is basically just connecting the serial port from the Pineapple to the serial port of the Arduino. Because the Arduino has 5 volt logic and the Pineapple 3.3 volt logic I placed a logic level shifter (the red part, just around 2 dollar). It might work without as I have read from people having a similar setup (Arduino - RasPi).

On the Arduino I have a program running that reads the serial port and performs an action (controlling the LED in this case, rotating the antenna in the other case).

On the Pineapple you can send commands to the serial port (/dev/tty/ATH0) from you existing scripts.


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