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RGB Solid LEDs after initial password set?


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Hey everyone, just got my pineapple in the mail and went about following the set up instructions. However, after setting the password and waiting a bit the green, blue, and red LEDs are on and all solid. What does this mean?


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After setting the password, did you setup client mode or anything else? is it working? are you just concerned about the lights being on?

A little more info would be helpful.

Green is always going to be solid. This is showing that the device has power.

Blue is for the AR9331 wlan0 card and is on when the card is active for example, when karma is active or anything using wlan0

Red is for the RTL8187 wlan1 card and is on when using that radio, for example client mode or anything using wlan1

Hope this answers your question.

P.S. This info can also be obtained from the manual that came with your pineapple.

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I have the pineapple connected via ethernet to my computer. However, I can't seem to access it.

I have the ip set to and subnet mask to, as well as turning on sharing for my connection with internet. I got to ping the pineapple with ping -t but the request times out!

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Try disabling your firewall and any other such software. I believe the issue is your Windows machine settings.
Did you go into the web interface and disconnect from client mode on the pineapple?
Did you follow the manual page 14?
Do you have 2 NICs in the desktop or are you connecting to wifi with another card on the desktop?(how is the desktop getting internet)

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Tried that with the windows firewall settings, didn't work.

Yup, disconnected from client mode.

Followed the directions on page 14.

The desktop is getting internet via external usb wifi.

I'm noticing in pictures/videos of people sharing their connection their ethernet connection status on the 'Network Connections' page is different from mine. Mine says nothing connected on the Local Area Connection...

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