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SD Card Corrupt?


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Hey guys, I wanted to take a second to ask a few questions I'm hoping someone can help me out. Just a few little things.

First off, I'm curious, what's the best way to go about powering the device off? Part of me thinks half the people here just yank the cord out of the wall, part of me thinks everyone will get a good laugh out of this question.

Funnier than that though is that I have no shame in admitting I've done so, and as a result I do believe I've corrupted the SD card. It wont seem to mount and I can't install anything to it.

Should I just use the web interface to format it?

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Just pull the plug. Unless you're logging data to the card, it's not going to hurt it, even then you'll just lose the last bit of data in the log. The cards that come with the pineapple probably aren't the highest quality, most folks replace them with larger capacity cards anyway.

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