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Hooking Up Pineapple Ethernet to Home Network


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Hi, I'm new and I'm just really experimenting with the whole pineapple thing. I don't really want to use a 3g/4g dongle and would prefer to shutoff the router function of of the wired lan port. I've replaced the firmware of an old router with ddwrt and setup a vpn. Currently this router is setup to access the guest network of my wireless router and maybe in the future I'll set it up to access any free access point that it finds in the wild. I want full access to both radios to experiment with more complex attacks, hence all this work. I just really want to take an ethernet cable from the pineapple and plug it into my router. So in a nutshell I just want the pineapple to shutup and take the whatever ip address the router gives it. I'm sure the commands to do this are pretty simple but I'm not that familiar with how this thing works.

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