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Satellite Tracking Program.


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I did find a pretty cool satellite tracking program on the Ubuntu/SDR Distro that barry99705 posted in one of the threads here. You can look it up in Synaptic under "gpredict" and download it. Then you can set your Ground Station to your location and see what's going on over head. Anyway, just thought I'd share.

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Did you notice the International Space Station(ISS) down around South Africa? Pretty cool IMHO. Also gives uplink and downlink freq. I guess so you can use your SDR to hack into the signal.

Must remember to try this when my SDR gets here - thanks for the share! On the side note, I am South African ;) Yes Hak5, you even have fans over here!

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Durban. You? Strange to see someone else from SA on here ;)

cape town yeah its strange but good to know some one else on here from sa its a pity there no hacking/pentest community down there

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