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Reuse a saved packet?

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The deal is that I need to reproduce an issue with an internal application that had been triggered off a particular HTTP response given by a web server.

I captured the TCP stream with wireshark and the stream goes like this:








What I plan to do is set up my own web server, modify the hosts file, and be able to have any http request aimed at the web server trigger this http response.

Do you know of a way I can do this? Someone has suggested tcpreplay may be able to do it, but I'm still researching if it will be able to do what I need.

I can easily trigger the request from the client at any time.

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So you want to reproduce the response of the http server towards the client ?

if so capture a few of these issues and check if you can decipher the response. if its a decent program it will have validation checks/encryption. And then it will pretty time consuming to recreate this.

Then your better off getting a copy of the server. ( vmware clone for example )

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I found an article that may help you understand the process better.


If you are using Distros such as BT or Kali there are tools/servers preinstalled that could do what you're saying.

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