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Hackercon Forensic Training


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I am looking for ideas of content people would like to learn about computer/digital forensics for training at a hacker conference. I have no idea what people would want to learn or what the average level would be. It can be ranging from a basic intro course to manually rebuilding cluster chains on a virtual floppy disk (for speed and reliability instead of using actual floppy disks), to RAID reconstruction, imaging servers, and more. I'm hoping to get a lot of responses to get a good idea of what people would like to see.

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I haven't searched to see what's already out there training-wise, but I'd be most interested in smartphone/tablet forensics personally. Basic things like how to take a forensic image of a phone/tablet don't seem so straight forward on these devices, so I think a course where you bring your own device and then go through a mock investigation would be fun.

I guess it depends on whether you are aiming this at LE/professionals or forensic newbies/hobbyists.

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- Also a nice one. Is access to a win8 partition from win7 or other operating systems.

- Recovering NAS data?

- Maybe discovering of hidden encrypted partitions?

Accessing Win8 partitions is just loading the image made into forensic tools, nothing really special there.

NAS/SAN data acquisition is about the same, still nothing special there.

Finding "hidden" partitions is just a matter of looking at the partition table entries, again, nothing that needs a 2 day training. :-/

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