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GNURadio Resources

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By far my favorite resource is Pybombs because it makes installing almost every package/application you will need, while handling all dependencies, on pretty much any linux distro...wrote a blog post about it here:


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I was going to ask this same question. After seeing Darren load up that pre-configured "radio" set up into GNU Radio in the last ep. I was wondering if there was a place that had more pre-configured stuff that we could download and open up in GNU Radio that'd take all the "work" out of doing it ourselves.

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I found a few books on amazon i might have to buy.



I think might be best to search git hub and the rtl-sdr site and look for projects people are already doing.

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It seems like if one was to learn how to use GNU Radio it'd be kind of the "Holy Grail" for SDR since you could config. anything you wanted. That being said it looks a lot harder to do then say just open Gqrx or something.

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