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Storing 802.1x Certs on SDCard?


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Hey all, having lots of fun with my Pineapple at home; still haven't done terribly much, but every time I run into a problem I wind up learning a lot. Thanks again for this fun toy!

I've got a question now that I can't seem to find an answer to. I would like to use my Pineapple on my University's wireless network in order to do some presentations about the Pineapple to our chapter of ACM. I've been authorized to do so, but I'm running into problems getting the Pineapple to use the Uni's network for Internet. I think this is due to the 802.1x authentication the network uses.

I've acquired a copy of the cert in .pem form, and am wondering if there is a location on the Pineapple's SD card that I can put it in that will allow it to use the Uni's network for Internet access. Thanks!

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