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setup for tactical bundle use


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in regards to all that is included in the tactical bundle, what is the best setup for the mk5 for out and about, in the field use?

what is the ultimate setup?

mdk3 for deauth? aircrack-ng? ettercap? i have been using this with ettercap on kali http://vimeo.com/77961423

what is the best setup for pineapple?

I don't want to use my laptop. I'd like to use either MyWi 6.0 from iPad 2 to usb tether internet to pineapple (if possible)

basically, how can i tether from iPad 2 with MyWi 6.0 (if possible)

and which OPKG's should I install?

or if i am completely off, then how should I do my setup using what is in the tactical bundle?

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There is no "best" setup... It's all subjective to the user and all depends on what your goal is in using the pineapple. You install infusions and streamline your pineapple based on the targets you've chosen.

As for MyWi, I'm assuming your iPad is Jailbroken and you are going to use MyWi to create an Access point out of the wireless radio in the iPad. So the iPad will get internet through cellular data connection and MyWi will pass that along to whomever connects to the hotspot it creates. If you want your Pineapple to get that data connection, you'd use the Client Mode (wlan1 on the Pineapple) to connect to the MyWi Access Point. Then essentially anyone who connects to the Pineapple's AP (wlan0, also used for Karma) will get internet shared over br-lan from wlan1 from your iPad. There's really nothing extra to install. This is all pretty much how Client Mode works. You're just creating the Access Point in a differnt way. Also, I'm not sure if this will isolate your iPad from the Pineapple. If it were a regular computer you could use the IP address that Client Mode recieves with a :1471 on the end to get to the Pineapples Management page. But because it's an iPad and you're doing things with MyWi it might not work out. So essentially you'll have the iPad in your backpack being a Mobile Access Point and you'll need another device to logon to the Pineapple's wlan0 AP to control it. Also, in this configuration both of the Pineapple's radios are in use so you won't be able to use mdk3, or any other program for deauthing, unless you install a third USB Alfa wireless card.

As for attempting this by plugging the iPad into the Pineapple via USB.... I wouldn't bet money that it's even possible.

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thank you for all of your responses to my very n00b questions. I am new to all of this and I am really eager to learn. I know there where suppose to be pineapple university videos, but not many where created. what is the best method to learn all of this from a basic point without being attacked for not knowing enough? I don't know all of what is possible ∴ i don't know all that I want to learn, which is why pineapple university would be great if it existed.

But for now, I would like to use the pineapple tactical bundle for whatever it was designed for. I mean, I have a pineapple, and a 3 day battery in an easy to carry bag! So what can I do with it?

I don't want to double post in different places, but the reason I purchased this was as a wifi extender with my yagi so I can get internet from my place while I sit by the pool. I know there is much more that can be done with this ( and I do want to learn as much of those as I can), but I need to start someplace.

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I was trying to help by responding at all. At the time that I did you had many views of your post but no responses. I was not attacking you for not knowing the basics, although you're right that can happen. There's a difference in being a noob to the pineapple and a noob to networking/linux in general. The Pineapple University video series is supposed to be expanding at some point in the future because they've stated they are working on new ones but they are also working on a new version of the Firmware. Does it make sense to do those instructional videos only to have them outdated by a firmware release? I'm not exactly sure that is the case but I can guess that is one of the issues they are trying to balance with their time. They are a small group of people doing amazing things but they have to plan a strategy and stick with it or else we will never see progress or a Mark 6 Pineapple in the future.

The reason you purchased the Pineapple (to extend down to your pool) is very easy. It's practically what it can do by default, maybe not be an network "extender", but it can definitely bridge the gap with Client Mode. I'm sure you've already figured that one out.

As for learning... I've been playing with BackTrack for several years and the Pineapple for just a while now. Even after all that time playing around I am certainly no expert but I love learning and to me this stuff is challenging and worth knowing at the same time. Dive in and start doing it, you pick it up along the way. I keep a list of commonly used commands for basic things as well as specific commands for things in order to get certain programs to work like reaver. Read the forums, and not just this forum, google whatever program you're using and go see what their forum says about commands and uses etc. You essentially have to teach yourself. Sometimes there is a Youtube video on what you want to know sometimes there isn't... And again the Tactical bundle was designed to make the Pineapple portable and inconspicuous but you might want to figure out how you want to use it before you "deploy" it in the field. I didn't purchase that kit as I have a battery that I used with my Mark 4 and it still works with the Mark 5. So when I travel I like to setup the pineapple in Airport lobbies and use the Random Roll infusion (sometimes with Karma) to try to have fun with people. But some folks would do the same thing in public and try to Phish for people's account information etc. I don't find that fun and I'm certainly not trying to make money off of "hacking" people like that even if it's possible. If you follow the advertised "official" purpose of the Pineapple it's used for authorized penetration testing. And while that is true, it is most certainly used for many different reasons outside of the responsibility of it's creators...

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Thank thesugarat! I wasn't thinking of you when i wrote my statement about attacking n00bs. I am actually grateful for you and others that offer assistance to even the most basic questions!

Thanks again!

Client mode is for extending the range

Karma is to see who is connecting to my AP

with Karma running, i start urlsnarf... I put it on wlan0 as that is where the traffic is.

It will show information, but then it seems my Internet gets an error and all connected devices no longer have Internet. Hmm...

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Well that's why I said it's not really an "extender".... Client Mode just uses wlan1 to attach to the other Access Point and then your pineapple makes that internet available to everyone via it's own access point name. Really an extender would take the original access point and actually extend it by being a repeater. Different concepts but your goal of being able to access your own wifi is still accomplished.

Yes the Karma report section can tell you who is connected but I'm pretty sure the "status" infusion will do that as well. Status just happens to be a little more cpu intense.

As for urlsnarf, it doesn't matter if Karma is on or not it just matters that you have traffic, either dragged in by Karma or just folks connecting to your named Access Point (Free WiFi, Starbucks, attwifi, etc) and you'll want to point it at br-lan not at wlan0.

Not sure about the error but try it on br-lan first and see what happens, also without karma on. Just turn it all on and then you surf to a few sites to see how well it picks it all up...

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