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First boot, web GUI showing nothing


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Could you do me a favor and try chrome again?

This time, open the developer console and check the console log. Open up the interface again and then post any errors you see here.

Also, in the developer console, check the network tab. Do any requests get 500 errors?

Best regards,


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Ah yes, this is easy. See all those console errors?

At first I thought you had some plugins installed. It might still be this, a failing / multiple failing browser plugins / extensions.

Then I googled the names of some of those websites requested. Seems like you have a virus!

Anyway, that's dodgey traffic it's loading and that's breaking your JS.

Remove any plugins / viruses that are breaking your browser and it'll all be good again!

Best Regards,


Edit: It doesn't need to be a virus. It could very well be a plugin that is adding a little bit of 3rd party content to generate money. This is probably more likely. Either way, you probably DON'T want that on your machine..

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Wow, bitdefinder didn't even catch the ad ware, I had to run malware bytes to remove it, never the less I got the whole GUI running in chrome! Now I gotta work on firefox. Thanks alot! :)

I'm guessing if Firefox doesn't work yet, there are still some remains of the adware. You might need to clean out any extensions there / check the application data.

Glad I could help!


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