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Save all client MAC addresses to a text file?


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A friend of mine runs a port dock. It's open at night but there's nobody there. He called me and had me look up information on some burglary suspects on two occasions. I came up with the idea of running a machine in monitor mode that would save all of the client MAC addresses to a text file? Hence a log of all of the telephones that had been in the area within a given time frame. This place gets broke into so much it could be like "bait car" or one of those reality shows.

Anyhow just want to montitor clients and log MAC addresses to a text file. Any of you guys done this? I'm not sure if I can use listen in conjunction with airodump or something like that.

Any help would be awesome.

OK edit here:

Kinda slipped my mind on the --write option.

airodump-ng -w clients mon0

Then read the csv output if you want to get a list. Not a super pretty display but all of the information is there. Are there some more ways to interact with this output.

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