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Questions about the Wifi Pineapple


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I recently received my Wifi Pineapple, and I have a few questions about it.

1. Do I need to use a phone and have it tethered for people to connect to the Pineapple?

2. Do I always need an enthernet cable to access the Web Interface?

3. What is wlan0 and wlan1 and should i have at least one enabled?

4. Do I need any special files/programs to phish besides putty and winscp?

Sorry, I am new to this field of technology. I mostly program things with javascript.

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You should seriously read the manual first. The link above is to the videos from Pineapple University. Great intro videos with explanations on quite a few first step items.

1. No. The pineapple can act stand alone without any form of internet, cellular included.

2. No. That's what wlan0 is for...

3. wlan0 is the Access Point the pineapple broadcasts for people to connect to. wlan1 is the radio used for Client Mode aka provide the pineapple with internet. Also can be used for deauth attacks.

4. Yes, you'll need to create phishing pages if thats what you want to do. You won't find those here on the forums as they are not allowed.

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