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whitelist mk5 for dummies, internet sharing os x and/or kali


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ok all. i just spent all morning messing with the rubberducky that just showed up. Now I have been messing with the mk5 for over an hour.

1. how do I put myself on the whitelist so I don't do anything to myself?

2. I have my mbp kali using internet via wifi and mk5 connected to mbp kali via ethernet cable provided. I am able to get into Wifi Pineapple Management. I go to Pineapple Bar and Pineapple Bar: Available, however I am not connecting. And when I plug the mk5 into my wifi router and not into my mbp kali, then I can't access the router.

3. is there a way to use MiWi 6.0 on iPad 2 to get USB tethering to pineapple mk5?

4. I have also attempted to connect my pineapple mk5 to my iMac. I went to System Preference/Sharing/Internet Sharing

Share your connection from: Wifi (as this is how i use internet on my iMac)

To computers using: Ethernet (i have the ethernet cable plugged into pineapple mk5.

I am able to go to but I am not able to see anything at "Pineapple Bar:Available"

I have solid lights blue, amber, green that only slightly flicker once every 2 seconds or so.

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Well, where to start.

Point 1: If you are connecting to the pineapple wifi and are running anything by default there is no way of setting a whitelist/blasklist so that you are not effected by whatever you are running.

Point 2: RTFM! http://wifipineapple.com/mk5/booklet.pdf You cannot connect the pineapple to your router directly by default as the pineapple runs as an ap, you need to connect it to your MBP and setup forwarding so it shares its wifi connection with the ethernet connected to the pineapple

Point 3: Why would you do that, the pineapple has 2 interfaces for a reason!!

Point 4: DERP! get your pineapple, go to the web interface, go to network tile, go to client mode, connect to your network....DONE!

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Go to the Karma Tile and use the whitelist/blacklist functions. Keep in mind this is a file in RAM so it will need to be redone everytime you reboot the pineapple. Plenty of other posts on this topic...

You cannot plug the Mark 5 directly into your home router without modifying to protocol information for the eth port.

No clue what MiWi is...

I assume you used the wp5.sh scipt in a Kali virtual machine. That's probably the easiest way to do ICS in Mavericks. The method is explanied with pictures in the pineapple ICS wiki. Or you used it in a machine that is dual booting and Kali is running natively. Which definatley works, but isn't really using ICS with OSX.

And wh1p, there are plenty of reasons to connect this way. I prefer Client Mode but it is situation dependant. It's all about how you want to use/deploy the pineapple.

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