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What are the advantages of a Pineapple?


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I guess it's the fact that it's so small. It has two radios built in which is a big plus and you can deploy it literally anywhere unnoticed considering that it can run on batteries.

Having to drag a small laptop, using two alfa AWUS036HA and deploying it unnoticed just is too hard (for me anyway)
Not even sure what the battery life would be on a laptop.

And you support the Hak5 show which is the big reason why I buy products from Hak5 :)

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It also focuses on ease of use. The fact that you have DIP switches, a simple webinterface and a way to expand the base functionality with user contributed infusions really allows you to speed things up. It's also a great tool to learn from and get a deeper understanding of what is happening.

To sum up, I'd say: Size (it's tiny and has two radios, USB and SD card slot), Price, ease of use, and supporting Hak5. There are different reasons that different people have for buying a Pineapple. This is just a small list of general things.

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