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Unable to enable Wlan0 en Wlan1


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Hi all,

I was very glad te receive my Pineapple Mark V yesterday. It worked PERFECTLY for an hour, then I could no longer see my wifi network to join it and after that I was left with a green solid light and flashing amber light. When I go to the WebUI I can no longer enable or activate Wlan1 or wlan0.

What would be the best next move? Factory reset this thing? Flash it? I'm clueless here. Additional question: what lights would you expect to see during normal operation of this thing, I wasn't able to find it on the led explanation card or on the web?

My technical savvy leaves me in very dire need of advice from some of you pineapple geniuses as it costs me loads to ship it back to the states from holland for a replacement.

Thanks ever so much in advance,


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Hey James010 and welcome to the forums!

First of all, let me explain the LEDs:

Green: Power (Always on as long as power hits the board)

Blue: Wlan0 (Should always be on, might not if miss-configured or turned off. Flickers on transmission.)

Red: wlan1 (Not on unless active and connected to a wireless network in clientmode)

Amber: eth0 (On as long as ethernet is plugged in. Flickers on transmission.)

Note: There is a difference between blinking/flashing and flickering

Now that it's clear that the LEDs don't really help, I'd ask you to re-consider the title of this post as others have had issues with a steady blinking/flashing amber light on first boot!

Either way, it would be important to know what you were doing before the wireless interfaces both died. Did you use the "wifi manager" infusion from the WiFi Pineapple Bar? You might have erased your configuration or messed it up there. The reason I ask is because a hardware failure affecting both cards is extremely rare. Therefore it will be a configuration issue. If you want a quick fix, simply perform a factory reset via the webinterface or DIP switches.

Best Regards,


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Hi Sebkinne,

First of all, thank you ever so much for your quick reply and welcoming me to the forums! Great to see such a helpful community. I'll try and see if I can change the title, sorry about that. I'm a huge noob to this stuff and I didn't know what to call this problem. The flashupgrade went fine (the flashing lights).

The only thing I downloaded from the pineapple bar was ssl something, to stop it from automatically going HTTPS when people use my free wifi. I might have removed some config files by accident..I hope the factory reset will restore that.

I will try your fix this evening, would be great if that works!

Thank you again for the reply.


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