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How to change MAC to a specific MAC on AP card


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I have a foscam wifi camera that is set up to connect to a specific access point with a specific MAC address. I would like to see is I can get the foccam to connect to my pineapple instead by changing the MAC of the pineapple to the mac that the camera is setup to log onto.

I saw where I could change the pineapple's MAC to a random MAC but I did not see how to change it to a specific MAC,

Also, how would one access the MAC cards in the pineapple to change country codes or power settings.

thank you

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ifconfig wlanX down

macchanger -m XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX wlanX

ifconfig wlanX up

I found that after, you know, searching... Try macchanger, iw reg set, or tx power, all the answers you're looking for have already been asked in the forums.

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