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Getting tcp dump to output to /sd


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thank you VERY much.

So I have another quick q..

I want to set dip switches so that i get on boot, the following sequence:

Starts wlan1

Starts wlan0

Bridges them as can be done in wi-fi manager

Thats config 1.

Now the next one question is more straight fwd - i see the wp5.sh script is just using a load of variables to put into some commands to do the config.

How best could I cut that down to a script that only ever asked me for internet default gateway, since if i was in connecting to public wi-fi on my mac, this would be the only variable that ever changed, the rest always stays constant.

thanks in advance - i am a bit of n00b as u can tell.

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That sequence for the dip switches you outlined is the default configuration of the Pineapple..... No teaching necessary. No WiFi Manager needed. br-lan is the interface that bridges them. Hence the br for Bridge.

As for the second question, can't you just edit the script to include your "default" values? I'm actually asking the question here. I don't use it so I don't know the answer.

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