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Cool Flight Tracker web site.

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I found this web site that'll track a flight if you get the flight number.


I've been listening to the 127MHz band picking up aircraft radio traffic on my SDR set up and I type in the flight numbers that I get and it'll show where they're from and where they're going. So far they've all flown over my area here where I live at and that's why I'm picking up their radio chatter. Anyway, just thought I'd share with ya'll.

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I use this one.

the best IMO


Now that's a cool site. Almost like having ADS-B going without the need for the software or dongle. Thanks. Got this one bookmarked. Also, since it's web based you can watch aircraft from anywhere in the World. I was watching planes land at Honolulu Airport. Of course you only get 30 minutes before you have to reload the web page but still, this will help scratch my ADS-B itch until I can figure out how to get it working under Kali with my dongle.

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Too bad there wasn't a way to get the broadcast freq. of aircraft from Flightradar24 so I could tune into it with Gqrx and listen as they pass over head. I see a lot of aircraft passing over my area, guess we're in a flight path from FL to Chicago or something and I've heard a few while surfing Gqrx but it'd be cool to be able to put the two together to take the guess work out of hearing the aircraft that I see on Flightradar24.

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I love that site. my office window looks right over the landing path of a major international airport and I like that FR24 shows the tail number, where it was coming from and pulls a picture of the aircraft out of a database.

I have it open on my DT and watch for hours. (working of course) ;-p

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