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Possibly bad shipping and voice address...


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So... A few hours ago (Sat, 8 Feb 2014 04:38:49 +0000 (UTC)) I made a purchase and because pay-pal stored some very old very wrong data for me... I tried to correct what I could when making the order - the phone number was definitely still wrong, I couldn't get to choose to not bill a non-existing company...

I immediately corrected what I could through both the hackshop interface and at paypal - but that doesn't change the order in progress.

Then I of course sent an E-Mail detailing the problem, giving my exact shipping and billing address..

I also tried to call but I'm not that familiar with Timezones - I suppose the US is just starting the Weekend now? (So I wouldn't make sence trying to phone hakshop today).

Not why why I'm writing this... maybe I want to hear "with your order time it still hasn't been processed yet you shouldn't worry".

Maybe I want to hear "it takes them days from order to processing" - I think I'd like to hear that but i've read otherwise. :-(

Maybe someone will (although it's WE) reply to my Mail. Who knows.

Or maybe someone knows how to change the destination of a package after it has been shipped.

Sometimes it's possible. Depends of course.

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Oh comeone. Someon tell me... something...

Tell me that I've done everything I could (as I don't have shipping information)

... or tell me that I'm just impatient ...

... but I'm wondering if there are still things I could to to avoid shipment with a bad shipping address getting shipped....

... but it's hard to not be "impatient" there...

PayPal information was so messed up - hardly couldn't be any worse. (6 Different addresses, all of them not 100% correct, at least one of them matches my current place... i hope chosing that one works out..)

Worst case:

* Shipment bounces (Well, more or a worst-best case.... shipment could just be delivered to random person and random person is happy.

* Problems with the local tax office (invoice to a nonexistent company?)


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Okay. After checking time-zones and stuff - I input the order on Saturday during morning. Nothing shouldn't have happened at all and there'll be plenty of Time on Monday to sort things our.

Freaked out for no good reason.... ...Right? Right? (hakshop doesn't have some halb-automated-processing-shipping-service operating out of business hours, does it? :-/

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Relax man,

It's the weekend. They will probably get back to you on Monday. If your order has been placed, you will get an email with a subject like: Order confirmation for order #xxxxx

Once it ships: "Your order has been shipped!" which could include a tracking number (UPS Worldwide Expedited).

The verification goes through an automatic verification system. Therefore if your order throws a few flags, you may need to provide photo ID with your billing address on it, or something similar. Pretty straight forward, so you should have nothing to worry about!

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