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I need some opinionated help...


What is the best possible career to help computers?  

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    • Journalist
    • Security/Software dev.
    • Solicitor

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Seriously... my heads fucked up.

What way do you personally think the best profession is to help progress computers forward?


Tech Journalist:

Getting the majority of people to decided for them self about things related to computers (laws, DRM, badware etc.) is very important.

Security/Software dev. guy:

Help make computers better through the software people run on them and help people make them self more secure by abstracting the inherent complexities.

Solicitor specialising in computers and tech stuff:

Help make computers better through your understanding of how computers work and cross referencing it with law. Help put down laws that are very bad for the consumer and help pass laws that protect the consumers agents monopolistic computer companies.

What do you think?

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It all depends on the exposure of the position, I suppose. For example, a journalist writing for the NY Times (as ridiculous as the newspaper is) is going to have far more influence on the general populous than your typical software developer. Unless that developer happens to be a senior at Microsoft...

You get the idea. Also, I'm confused as to exactly what you mean by "solicitor." I'm thinking "sales" and I don't see that helping anyone who matters... =P

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I'd quite like to get into politics myself, but for different reasons. IE the UK's problems come from considering education and solical welfware to be a for-profit industry. Actually, the way this goverment chases profit and money is probally the root cause of all social ill's. Where else in the world can you make money running a prision? Shouldn't the goal of prisons be to lower there populations, rather than increasing them? Anyone else remeber the case a few years back where two guys who were cleared of all charges after 14 years in jail were forced to pay the costs of there jail time?

Maybe we should form our own party?

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Hey, its about time we had another party. Labour sold out, the torys don't have a fucking clue anymore and the liberals will do anything for votes. Time for some pragmatism when it comes to running the country.

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For a party you have to have people to vote for you. :)

You might have hackers/gamers/geeks voting for the Hak5 party but average Joe probably won't.

If you are a lawyer you would have to be a very good one(miscrosoft and other big computer companys have lots of money)

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Let's start out with a name that is sure to get you sufficient voters then.

The Hak.5 LAN Party?

I'm sure some creative dolt can find a nicce set of words that LAN will be an abbreviation for...

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