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How to Setup Mark V Ubuntu


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1) In setting up the proper IP and DNS servers for wired LAN I see examples online showing IPV4 ( see Pics) but what about the IPV6 tab? Do you have to do the same?

See pics— ATTACHED BELOW for Ubuntu the tabs

Under method tab--Which do use choose? Manuel?

Under Address,netmask gateway?? please advise

Under Addtional DNS -- ??

Do we need to check the box "require IPV4 addressing for this connection to compete?

Do we nned to do same for IPV6 TAB???

2) Do you have to enter the MAC address for your OWN Wifi router?

3) When entering multiple MAC addresses to blacklist , are these done one at a time or how to you enter multiple? Separate by coma's?? Is there a command to see which have been added?

4) In MAC address are there any letter in the o—thats VS the number 0 I suspect there can be zeros and letter “ o “ not sure how to differentiate them or do you need to??

5) I have a 32 GB micro card in the Mark V and a USB formated to ext 4 in the Mark v --What is the command to make the pineapple mark v use the usb port for storage ??


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Ya I agree with D*wad we need a better step by step list of how to setup the Mark 5. I got mine to work --using windos by switching to ubuntu and there are certain issues with setting up.

in looking at it on my other computer, you have multiple choices and tabs with ubuntu. also how about a dumb down step by step of how to setup the entire mark 5. Its great little brochure we get for 99.00 but step by step would be welcomed.

Scott Helm on the web does a nice windos explain but nothing for ubuntu or linux etc...

Living Docuemnts to Start Mark V setup steps, by the numbers for the following---yes I know about the SCRIPT we can download but lets try doing it by the numbers

1) General Setup-- step by step with screen shots

2) Windos --scott helm does a ok job on the web, but need more information --- need with better screen shots

3)Linux / Ubuntu / other distros setup --- with screen shots

4) Linux- list of commands for each tool used

Its nice to spend 99 bucks--pretty good deal but we need more documentation---at least the folks who do not pentest everyday.. thanks

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