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Can someone explain what this means?


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It says that the DNS Lookup failed. Are you connected to the internet via the Pineapple in Client Mode on wlan1?

On seconds, it appears that the address "www.islayer.com" doesn't actually exist? What were you doing browsing wise when you got this error?

If it wasn't you, do you know who or what was connected (possibly through Karma) that made the DNS request?

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Well, according to "Down for everyone or just me", the url doesn't exist. http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/www.islayer.com

Sslstrip *should* be able to handle that just fine, so I'm not sure why the logs freaked out like that.

Maybe try disabling Karma and keep sslstrip running. Then try and browse to "www.islayer.com" or any other site that doesn't exist. If it happens again, it should be reported as a bug.

UPDATE: After Googling "islayer" it appears that it was software for Hackintoshes (non-apple computers running hacked versions of OS X) that is no longer available. The device that connected could have been a hackintosh that automatically checked for updates and queried the URL in an odd way that sslstrip didn't like?

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