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Any recomendations for a gsm phone.


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I actually bought a used samsung galaxy S II. I installed CyanogenMod 10.1 and shitloads of apps/programs.
Not really sure if it's got gorilla glas, but it has decent battery life. Which you can upgrade by buying a bigger battery.
It's got Monitor Mode/Packet Injection so I can crack WPA/WPA2 passphrases and even got a GUI of reaver as well :)

This is some of the tools I installed

Bcmon (gives me monitor mode/packet injection)


RfA (Reaver for android)


Shark (wireshark)


SSLstrip for android


It's my own little PwnPhone :)

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No Problem :)
I should say that some of the apps are a tiny bit buggy, but they are being updated regularly :)
I don't really crack wpa/wpa2 pass phrases on my phone, however I often use it to capture WPA handshakes and crack them on a more powerful computer :)

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I can recommend the Galaxy S II as well. I know you said GSM, but I have the Sprint version(Epic 4G Touch) and couldn't be happier at the moment. Great monitor mode and injection support and a wide range of tools for pentesting. Cyanogenmod runs smoothly and this is great support from developers. Although this phone is phasing out for faster/better hardware, Samsung did a great job with this device.

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Guest spazi

I actually just installed a image of kali and I boot it through the linux deploy app.

It gives me a terminal where I can start up msfconsole which takes a few minutes to load. I recently hacked into my weak computer. How awesome is that?

Pwn'ing from a phone :D

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