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Can you push the pineapple past a splash page?


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Hey guys I live in Britain and I got permission to test the pineapple in a subway the only problem was it wouldn't connect due to the splash page they have on their wifi. Can anyone help me get past this problem please? Thank you

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Because of NAT, you, or the first 'victim' should only need to log into that once and then all other connections should not see it.

I forget which one, but one of Darrens episodes specifically explains this.

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You connect to your Pineapple's wlan0 AP with your laptop/tablet, set Client Mode tab to attach to the Open (but Splash protected) Access Point. At this point your laptop when trying to surf the web will see the splash page. Do the steps necessary to get through the splash page. Once you do that everyone else that connects through the pineapple will not see the splash page.

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