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Anyone using Quisk for their SDR?


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I can download it from my package manager which makes it easy since I don't have to worry about dependencies or compiling anything BUT after download there's no .quisk_conf.py file to configure the dang thing. I did download the tarball and extracted it and they have config files in the extraction, not sure which one to use with my dongle though.

I'd like to use something like Quisk that's easy to install but danged if I'm not having a fit over getting a configuration file set up. Can anyone give me some help on this OR is there another easy to install SDR program I should be looking at?

I'm running Point Linux 2.2 which is Debian 7.2 Stable with MATE DE if that's any help since I'd need a .deb file if it's going to be a download. Thanks.


I really think this is the one for me to use since it "works" when I click the icon, it's just I need the proper config file to get things working with the dongle.

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After installing Quisk from Synaptic in my clean Point Linux install it now won't work. Not sure what file(s) are missing that I had before that let it work. This is really starting to get complicated.

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