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wlan0 -- unable to put into monitor mode


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hi guys,

so i'm supplying my pineapple with internet from my linux laptop via eth0. i figure this leaves me the opportunity to use both wlan0 and wlan1 on the pineapple as i please. i establish an SSH connection with the pineapple from the linux terminal, and i'm able to place wlan1 into monitor mode no problems. however!

when i attempt to do likewise with the wlan0 atheros adapter, upon entering ifconfig wlan0 up the SSH connection drops. when i try to reconnect with via terminal, i get an error message until finally, about 30 seconds later, i can login and re-establish the connection. it's happened in excess of 10 times now; always with wlan0 and always when i try to put wlan0 up rather than down.

can someone shed some light?

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are you connected to your pineapple over eth0 (know you said your supplying internet from eth0, im assuming it is also connected via eth0 but doesnt hurt to check)?

also what mode is wlan0, is it in AP mode, i think it needs to be in client mode first.

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